Tuesday, February 26, 2008

power and legitimacy in oz

legitimacy is the label put on the acceptance of the forms of governance by the general community. a government without acceptance as legitimate must govern through application of power.

governments avoid rule through power, it's expensive and dangerous. traditionally, the king strikes a deal with the high priest: the priest says the king is god's ruler, the king says all must worship in the high priest's church.

it's not that simple, anymore. religion has been supplanted by 'media'. the high priest is replaced by media proprietors. worse, the king has been 'assisted' by his public servants and politicians, into irrelevance.

why does the king linger on? legitimacy. the monarchy is the figleaf over the seizure of power by a guild of political bandits.

does it matter? it matters a lot. the legal basis of operation of the nation is founded on a lie. the constitution is a nonsense. as a result, law is only an assertion of current power-holders. this reality will percolate through the community and rot the legitimacy of the state.

does it matter? it matters if the current eruption of corruption in nsw convinces you that "enough is enough!" the corruption that never leaves the news, the incompetence that makes discussion of roads, hospitals, water, power generation, environment a matter of on-going despair is the natural and inescapable result of parliamentary government.

if you want a better result, if you want to pass on an oz as good or better than you got, it's time ozzians put themselves at the head table of government. it's not hard. politicians have no legitimacy but your vote. put it to use to put them at the service of the people.

if you want to move toward democracy, admit you haven't got it. then we can talk about how to get it, as well as why.

or just say "she'll be right" and go back to the racing guide.
Posted by DEMOS, Tuesday, 26 February 2008 7:23:06 PM
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