Wednesday, February 6, 2008

tra la la la.

clinton and obama are having an interesting contest, and both are raising more money than mccain. should be a shoo-in,with the burden of the dubya regime.

but a couple of american chatterati have suggested this might be a real contest. the core republicans either don't know bush has been a disaster, or don't care. the middle/independents may be attracted to mccain's supposed reasonable republicanism and macho chest thumping toward the 'terrorists'.

and there is in america some majority combination of people that managed to swallow dubya, twice. from their point of view, mccain is a big improvement on bush without having admit bush was wrong, except in his choice of secretary of defense. a nation that can elect a nixon, reagan, or bush2 is capable of anything.

or so we will be writing, if the nightmare comes to pass. but it won't. it won't, will it?

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