Monday, February 11, 2008

was tet the turn of the tide?

vietnam was a temporary setback, soon rectified, think of the brilliantly successful campaign against grenada.

a better measure of a nation's health is to look at the budget. unlike other large nations, the usa spends more on defense than the rest of the world. combined. this may explain why they spend so little on schools, education, health care, and physical infrastructure.

they have been importing educated people for a long time now, it's cheaper than educating americans. i suspect the principle will be extended to importing ignorant labor soon. for the army. americans won't pick fruit for the wages offered and it's getting to the point they won't sign up to spread democracy anymore also, even though everyone makes sergeant if they get through basic.

an american 'foreign legion' will have many good points for politicians. no relatives complaining about casualties for instance. and some day the general commanding can look forward to being chosen president. by his troops.

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