Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the children of strangelove

there is an interesting article on 'managing' nuclear weapons in today's world:

the author doesn't offer much hope for preventing nuclear proliferation. that cat has left the bag.

i believe the only way to minimize the chance of nuclear holocaust is for humans and humanity to grow up and admit that the use of violence on other nations is no longer productive. the suppurating sore that israel has been since 1948, the catastrophic destruction of vietnam without result, the current genocide in iraq and afghanistan, should all suggest that the arrogant application of power is likely to be counterproductive.

i see no signs that humanity can give away nuclear weapons any time soon. at best, we can hope that the revulsion of the bush2 regime may impel the usa to co-operate more closely with the international community. talk is better than war, and talk is the only tool we have to save ourselves from race suicide.

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