Thursday, December 13, 2007

stop laughing, this is serious

global warming is on the agenda, finally. perhaps too late to prevent disaster, but maybe not too late to prevent extinction of the human race. plenty of americans are much more worried than their politicians, here's a post with a useful survey of personal actions to take:


What can you do?

Politically: Tell politicians to remove subsidies for oil and gas companies and increase investment in solar and wind energy. Support ballot initiatives like those recently passed in Washington and other states, requiring utilities to get at least x% of their energy from renewable resources. Support carbon taxes and/or cap-and-trade policies on business. Push for new building codes requiring greener building practices.

In your community: Write letters to the editor of your local paper; ask your local paper to do a series on climate change and conservation; ask the mayor of your town to join the green-cities initiative; ask your local transit company to consider biodiesel in the buses; ask your local government to provide more public transportation and/or carpool programs.

Personally: Eat less meat, drive less, turn off your computer and your lights every day, update your appliances to the most efficient available, install solar and/or tankless water heaters in your house, install a wind turbine in your backyard, move from the suburbs to the city, invest in green technology companies.

Obviously, we aren't all going to do all of these things. But if all of us did some of them, we would start to make a difference."
-- Sally M
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but personal action is not enough. national action is required. that's where 'sally' is much better off than ozzies: she can participate in citizen initiative and direct elections. ozzians can't, now.

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