Sunday, December 9, 2007

torture, corruption, and apathy

the emergence of an admission to destroying visual records by the cia is a new feature of the bush regime. normally, such things are lost. i presume cia officers are trying to preserve their careers by admitting that the documents existed, while trying to preserve their freedom by destroying them. this is a very complex balancing act as some senior officers are on record as saying these activities never happened.

on the other hand, who will pursue? several prominent democrats facilitated the 'intensive interrogation' regulations and will be severely embarrassed as their role is publicized.

so the americans are neck-deep in the moral sink-hole of torture, the congress whose role is to limit the arrogance of the whitehouse is complicit instead, and the american public is unsurprised, and not enraged.

when i was young, europeans would smile at the apple-cheeked naivete of americans, now they shake their heads at the cynical depravity.

here's a link to greenwald's post on dem complicity. read'em and weep.

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